Monday, October 1, 2012

Thoughts Generated in My Life

Lots of thoughts we have experienced in our life on day to day events. Some thoughts are funny, spiritual, scientific and lot more. Here I am going to explore my some thoughts those experienced during my day to day routine. I categorized all thoughts in some sections. All are completely original.


✎ Just single bit of digital information, we cannot store with our soul before near time of our death. If it's possible than I think our close relative's mobile no, we should store with our soul. So next birth, our next parents or we can contact our previous relatives.
But, soul is similar to energy. Energy cannot know itself or cannot take anything with itself. It's just passing in elements from one form to another form like soul passes through one body to another body.
It's God's secure policy. No one can find security holes, hijack it and stores data with oneself. It seems nearer to iOS installed in new iPad/iPhone.

✎ Ideally as a soul, your birth day comes in all the days of the year, if you born repeatedly on all the days of the year on the earth.
Just we change our body and digits of years in birth date on every birth. and use month and days digits repeatedly.

✎ Imagination: Visualization of birth-death in web of relationship:
No one could reach here or could not find any evidence from here:
☞ Soul: Most Closest Distance from lives
☞ End of Universe: Most farthest Distance from lives
☞ Perhaps after death, soul moves with more than the speed of light to end of universe. and God desides next birth of body for soul on earth or any other planets where life exist in range of visible univese. Then soul comes back with more than the speed of light from the out of visible universe area for new birth.
☞ Every life on universe indirectly creates the web of relationship (like son/daughter -> sibling -> father/mother->grandPa/grandMa) at age to age.
☞ After end of life, we - the one node of this web will be removed from that web and will join in next new node as new birth.
☞ So if you visualize that all nodes are removed (as death of all lives) from one side of web and are joined as next new node (as birth of all lives) in other side of web of relationship.
☞ When will stop the generation of new nodes in web?
✎ Birth of new technology is combination of laws of science and maths.
☞ Birth of new creature is combination of laws of science, maths and spirituality plus combination of feelings. And spirituality(visible in religion) and feelings(invisible in heart) are similar to science(visible in elements) and maths(invisible in elements) respectively.
☞ Female character in all creatures has close relation to God who will give new birth that's why they have more heartly feelings compare to Male character. Feelings only produced by God in creature. (not in man-made machines by human beings).
☞ Male character in all creatures has close relation to machines-elements-physical world. because God want to birth new creature with combination of laws of science, maths (More interaction with Male character) and spirituality plus combination of feelings (More interaction with Female character).
☞ This is the reality of world will never change!!

✎ On Romantic Mood:
Romantic mood can change whole day. I realized that. But I like to say that-
Please keep balance with romantic feelings and spiritual feelings.
Spirituality will remove obstacles and help to complete task successfully.
And Romance will energize you and help you to keep your mood better and keep happiness.
So Consider that Romance is God's gift to make yourself energized and happy in any situation in life. That's why don't forget God. Keep balance in both feelings.


✎ One thing I analyzed in Steve Jobs that he tried to achieve same visual animation graphics effects in Pixar animation movies as same as he tried to achieve in MAC OS UI graphics and UI animation.

✎ Natural physical atomic structure cannot be encoded in binary form [0-1].
Because they contains electron, proton and neutron.
Image, sound, video [image+sound], Arithmetic operations, human language and machine language do not have atomic structure that's why they can be encoded in binary form [0-1].
Physical objects and smell have atomic structure.

More Explanation:
☞ Image: It contains the colors and color has a property to reflect or emits light. So light does not have atomic structure.
☞ Sound: It is one kind of vibrations that travel through the air or another medium. So it's one kind of force on air that does not have atomic structure.
☞ Video: It is combination of image and sound, nothing else.
Arithmetic operations: It is a mathematical operations involving numbers.
☞ Language: It is one kind of method for human communication. And human being represents it in picture format that is known as character.

✎ Microsoft using CAPTCHA in their live mail service to stop spam mail sent process, when user clicks on send button after composing mail completion. nice idea!!

✎ Now current mobile device trend, it is not easy to make multi boot OS mobile. so user has to be dependent to use company's installed OS like iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 or 8, whatever user uses.
In PC trend, user can install pirated Windows OS using CD Drive or any other way and its easy to make Multi boot OS. user addicted to use Windows OS.
In this way, Microsoft can not grab their market to use windows mobile OS for mobile device as pirated version and even as commercial version too.

✎ Human body has capability to produce chemical that it needs in different body parts. That chemical is composition of proton, neutron and electron or say atoms. Computer can not produce chemical. it can produce only 1 and 0 that is form of electrons.
That is major difference in both.
If computer can produce chemical, than it can create object. But we cannot send object one place to another place at light speed, we can create clone object to other place.

✎ Generated all images using all color combinations of all pixels for particular dimension size those are stored in one memory device. 
That device is universal image source set that contains all frames visualized by all persons in life, everyone's face and frames visualized in our future, all movies frames, what you read this now, everything what you think.
But interesting idea is we need an algorithm to extract our future frames from that device.

✎ Only electron and photon have light speed velocity. Proton and neutron do not have. That God have kept limitation for them, otherwise we can send physical object using any man-made device from one place to another, even we can move. 
But we can send file using computer that is the form of electron only !!

✎ Software engineers create combination of 1 & 0's. and one amazing thing is that combination has one price. Something like (10101......) = (XXXXX dollars). and for example indirectly apple's app store sell combination of 1 and 0's. This is the business of 1 and 0's. But when we sell printed copy of that combination, no one will buy. :)

✎ Windows XP OS condition looks like Windows 98 for new laptops and desktops.

✎ Android is second most popular linux after mac. Others are SUSE, Ubuntu and Red Hat.

✎ Linux (Mac-iOS-Android) is better than Windows for following points:
- Security (so many viruses supports in Windows!!!)
- Open source (who will spend money if user does not get proper security.)
- Developers demand (ios - android developers)
- Make money (after developing little innovative app)
- Teach you - "Think different or be innovative"
- Very hard to hack

✎ Google does not care about Android OS privacy.
It's slow poison to break Microsoft-Apple monopoly.

✎ You can find all rotational movements with accuracy and speed using accelerometer programming in iPhone/Android.
But you cannot find one directional motion with accuracy and speed for very short distance.
Because GPS is only the way for it. and it is not accurate for small distance and not even very fast.

✎ We are constantly moving in space.
If you think that "X" point where you stay is not exact "X" point with respect to whole universe after some time or say some seconds.

✎ During shooting of movie or TV serial of ancient religious stories, Director has to take care that some inventions must not be visible in scene.
Something like electricity lines or vehicles must not be visible far from shooting scene.

✎ In tablet trend, developers must have to optimize apps with minimal limited hardware resources to view large sized file.
Ex. To play high resolution video.
      To render 400-500 pages from PDF.

✎ App cracks, keygen, pirated ebooks, mp3s - all are stored in those servers where in those countries, there are no any laws against piracy.

✎ I observed many times that accelerometer input based any app is not working properly in flight, when flight moves left or right side with angle. And if you use any flight simulator app in flight, then you realize that virtual flight will move exactly as per real flight movement without accelerometer movement. you can track real flight movement in flight simulator app.

✎ Android mean Sea/River water. Anyone can use it.
iOS mean Distilled Drinking water stored in bottle in refrigerator for selling purpose.

✎ Our whole body changed totally from child age to old age excluding brain cells. So our child age body and old age body are totally different. because every cell are generated every day excluding brain cells.
New brain cells are never generated after some age.

✎ Apple hides XML programming of XCode project settings (.xproj) and Interface Build file (.xib) from developer. Google explores knowledge of XML programming of both project settings (AndroidManifest.xml) and layout programming(in /src/layout - "main.xml") to developers. That's good thing in android programming.

✎ Long distance said to light, "Be fast more than your speed to reach me."
Light said to long distance, "I cannot be too speedy more than my speed."
Time said to light, "Oh, you cannot be speedy, than I have to be slow."

✎ Volume of electron with respect to Volume of Sun seems Volume of Sun with respect to Volume of visible universe. 

✎ Using mouse, user can click on minimum 4 pixel box area in UI. In touch screen, that area is not easy to use. That's main advantage of mouse as input against touch screen.


 ✎ Comman people shot photos and capture videos for personal remembrance.
But actors and actresses do not need to shot images themselves. Because just only their movies are one kind of their remembrance.

✎ If film is boring, no one complains to "Grahak Surksha Mandal". This is good thing for Film director. :) ;)

✎ If you have 365 or more friends and their b'days are on total 365 days of whole year, then you will get birth day notifications every day.

✎ I think Facebook makes us hungry for comments and "like" indirectly. :p

✎ Steve Jobs may be Aish' daughter. 
Because 'A' for Apple Company where Steve Jobs worked. 
And 'A' for Aish and Abhishek. No other common things. :) :) ;)

✎ Facebook in our life as Maths Expression:
☞ Facebook ⊂ Our life
☞ Our friends ∈ facebook
☞ Facebook ∩ Our life = Our memorable moments

✎ About Rajinikanth:
☞ Question- What are the meanings of ®,© and ™?
Answer: Rajinikanth, Chennai and Tamilnadu.
☞ Question: Why big companies have ® symbol after name?
Answer: Those all are permitted to start by Rajinikanth.

✎ Joke on Steve Jobs Vs Bill Gates:
Steve Jobs/Hollywood: "Think different."
Bill Gates/Bollywood: "Copy different.*"
*Conditions apply.

✎ In current lifestyle, there are so many changes in every area.
But there is no change in one thing.
- 24 hours per day.
Human beings need more time to work.
But that we cannot change. 
Either change the planet or slow down motion of earth. :) 

✎ Either water the plants (tree-plantation)
Or drink more water (in summer, we will suffer too much heat without trees and we will be too much thirsty.) 

✎ Actors and actresses do not have to make resume to work in next movie directed by next director.
Because everyone knows their resume. I mean to say everyone knows that in which movies they worked. :) :) 

✎ During use of analog camera, we had to think how to shot photo properly without wasting a role.
After invention of digital camera, no one cares for proper position and lighting during camera shot. 

✎ 2012 year is sandwich of binary numbers. How?
☞ 0 and 1 are hidden between two 2s. Something like this- [2(01)2].

✎ Joke on Android Robo:
One day "Android" Robo played cricket and broke down "Windows" glass.
After on break time, Robo drank "Apple" juice.

✎ Software Engineer job means Open Book Exam:
☞ Google is open book.
☞ Last companies Job experience means passed open exams.
☞ Current job means You are attending open book exam.

✎ On Holi festival, all designers play Holi in UI designs/assets/Photoshop. ;p

✎ After 90 years, our grand children will tell something like this-
☞ "My grandfather worked on windows 7 and he was iPhone - iPad app tester. And he liked NFS game."
☞ "Oh windows 7!! hey how it looked? Do u have any picture of that OS? and hey what is iPad-iPhone?"
☞ "Still my grandmother has Facebook account and she has 20k friends."
☞ "My granduncle's Gmail account was closed because of account size is over from limit."
But for US people, these days are not too far.

✎ Funny and Notable Comparison:
Shahrukh, Amir and Salman - These three Khans' characteristics are matching with Microsoft, Apple and Google respectively. How?
☞ Shahrukh's current time is not good for making money. And so long time, he was as super star position. Same for Microsoft, it's current time is not good in Mobile technology. and Also so long time, it is first in PC Os and other server products. 
☞ Amir's way is to do something new, innovative story, in movies. And his current show "Satymev Jayte" is too famous. it seems Apple's iOS. and it's same way for Apple. 
Salman means open source - (expose body - (seems Android Robo)) His current movies have very good response in box office. Same for Google have very good market share in mobile technology via Android OS.


✎ Human beings should keep devices (Old TV, computer or any inventions or recorded data) on other nearer planets or on the space. 
☞  Reason is : In case human beings on earth will be danger for their existence because of natural disaster and totally died, and after some years in case new lives will birth on revolution and suppose they will be intelligent then they can reach to our inventions kept on other planets and they can know us, human beings' historical world and inventions. 

✎ Suppose we meet aliens and start to use their computer devices. But if we want to connect their devices with our computer, then we have to invent converters, cables after all we need to develop file converters to convert their image/audio/any file to our file formats. !!!

✎ Probability to find proofs for any concept becomes higher to lower for these areas in respective order- Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Spirituality.

✎ If ant has brain capability to make processor, then that processor will be world's smallest processor. 

✎ We use two states - 0 and 1 in computer.
It is possible that alien may use more than two states in their computational machine.

✎ Question on Colors:
☞ Is it possible that one color that you have never seen?
☞ Are there any other colors in Universe (out of range from 0-255 for All R G B values)?
If human body's any part works as digital storage device, then that person may contain two types of viruses -
Digital virus which damages files and Physical virus which damages human body cell.

✎ After 80-100 years, teacher of social study will teach 100-150 years old history up to independent India.
☞ Any student will ask, "Sir, this is too old history. Let you teach us latest history from last 80 years. What happened in India in last 80-100 years."
☞ What teacher will teach teach? He will teach - "Corruption in India" - The last chapter of history in social study subject.
☞ And all students will be shocked. and will think- "Britishers were better than our own old politicians.

If cricket players play cricket on moon, every ball has four and six and so many times ball is lost outside the stadium to so many far distance. It is also possible to make run out and stump out easily. 

✎ DOS, Windows 3.1, 95 - all are known older OS for PC. iPhone 3.0 and Froyo will be older mobile OS. New generation will know those OS after 20 years as we see older PC OS now. Age of Bill Gates, he developed DOS and Windows 3.1 through team members and people used those. So this is same our age, when we use and used iPhone 3.1 and Froyo OS.

✎ I think first ARM processor based Macbook with iOS without cooling system will be released in future. At that time, user cannot copy app illegally from anywhere. Same time, any hardware company will release same configured laptop with android OS. Those laptops size will be little large from current tablets and little small from current laptops. And those have small keyboard and also touch screen. Keyboard closing technology may be different. It may be closed behind the touch screen. So user can use it as tablet. I think word may be "tabbook". And software development may be shifted in those laptops.

Social Life

✎ New recently born generation's photos appears in parents FB profile. Those children will create their FB profile, when they will be in 5th standard or may be before. in their FB profile, how many friends will be there, when they will become parents? But, they will be have one benefit. We lost contacts of our so many school time friends. Recent generation will add their school time friends and will keep in touch long time on FB.

✎ Why generation gap occurred from decade to decade?
As per my analysis, parents have responsibility to take care children and they are also so much busy in other responsibilities too.
At that time, technology, clothing style everything changed. So they are unable to follow because of above reason.
But at the same time, children do not have big responsibilities. and they have a time to play, study and to follow technology, everything.
This is the main reason. 
You will feel, when time will come. [only for bachelors]

✎ One reality of our life:
1. In school time, we recall our childhood.
2. In college time, we recall our school days.
3. In Job time, we recall our college days.
After our marriage and child birth, we recall our past sessions from 1-3 parallel with our child growth.
And using our past sessions experiences, we teach our good habits and activities like learning techniques, clothing style etc. to our child.
Finally in retirement time, we recall our office days.
That's our life !!

✎ Our recent moments will become our memorable moments. Recent celebrities awesome talents shown in various TV Programs or current awesome songs and A. R. Rehman music that we listen. but after 30-40 years next generation people will see these on videos and they will say "This is nothing." so imagine how those people will have talents.
Same things applied on us, when we watch older movie fight or listen any older music. how u feel?
But still old is gold.

✎ If Steve Jobs born at any software engineer's home who is using iPad and if Steve Jobs will ask his father after seeing iPad after some age, "dad, what is this?"
His father will tell him- "This is iPad whose inventor Steve Jobs died because of cancer disease."
conclusion: on next birth, your last birth's whole work experience will be lost in particular area. but inventions are added birth by birth on earth.

✎ You are the owner of your watch, but not the owner of time displayed in watch. But displayed time in watch is owner of you.

✎ Human beings' face structure are changed state to state in different countries. Because that dependency is on food, environment and life style.

✎ If we change planet to live, how to celebrate our festivals.
Festivals are dependent on physics constants indirectly.

✎ Generally our school time, we studied that "X" scientist invented "Y" theory or "Y" invention. and He/She died on "xxxx" year. But we never heard name of persons in death list involved in computer technology.
Now Steve Jobs and Denis Ritchie are newer in death list those involved in computer technology. New generation will study and know them during their school time.

✎ We feel that 1800-1900 century is too old.
But now we also little bit feel that 1900-2000 century is old.
The main reason is that from last 20 years, human beings invented so many technologies. And still updation is going on day to day.

✎ If before independence at any way, Indian people could know that current politicians will be corrupt with very high amount after independence, no one could prepare for sacrifice to make India independent.
Even Gandhi could not become Mahatma Gandhi. Or Bhagat Sing could not have great boldness for sacrifice.
They thought that Britishers are well managed compare to current politicians. Britishers could do better try to control inflation, pollution up to current time compare to them.
Actually our politicians misuse sacrifice of our national heroes indirectly.

✎ The ideal city should be that where we can inspire us to addict good habits to live from their people.

✎ Colors in festivals as Eye-Catching View:
☞ Kite-Flying- Colors in kites
☞ Diwali- Colors in crackers' light
☞ Holi- Colors on faces
☞ Navratri- Colors in dresses
☞ Republic Day- Colors in traditional dresses (In New Delhi, Tableau show)

Please share your feelings or review, If you liked above thoughts.
Thank you.