Sunday, September 30, 2012

Feel Sacred While You Pray

Praying is meant to be sacred. But do you really feel sacred while you get down to pray? If not, then how to make your pray feel much more sacred and close to God? It is said and believed that praying and meditating is a way to connect to the Lord. But how often do we actually feel that we are getting connected to the mighty? This blog will get you realize that. Yes, you are connected to the almighty. Read on.

These are the key points discussed in scientific manner. You can consider all of these as evidence or probability to meet the God indirectly. My suggestion is to recall all these points during your meditation or pray to God.

In Hinduism, air, fire, water, earth and sky are core elements that make a soul. The same five elements are used by God’s soul, when he took the form of great deities and prophets like Jesus Christ, Mohammad Paigambar, Gautam Buddha, Sri Rama, etc. So how to realize that you met all those deities indirectly?

  • Air

When God descended on earth and started to breathe oxygen and expelled carbon dioxide, the trees convert all carbon dioxide expelled by him into oxygen. Relax and feel that one such oxygen molecule used by God may have been used by you.
You met the God indirectly.

  • Fire or Energy

God used energy or in the body of that Great Soul, where energy was stored. We all know the famous scientific law that ‘Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be transferred’. Now concentrate and feel, that the energy used by you may have been transferred to you from God. He might have used the same energy in the past. Your body contains that same energy as used by him.
You met the God indirectly.

  • Water

God drank the water from river, and he touched the water and some water was touched but not drank and flown in sea. After year to year water cycle, via raining, you get clean water. Concentrate and feel. You drank or used exact same single water molecule, that touched by God in past. You met the God indirectly.

  • Earth

This is commonly known feeling. When you go to holy places like church, temple, mosque and feel that you step exactly where God stepped in or resides. Or the place where you do meditation or pray now exactly there God stepped for searching spiritual knowledge, when that place was a jungle or path where God walked in past.

  • Sky or Universe

Earth rotates on its orbit. At one point in the universe, where God stood on Earth. The exact same point with respect to the Universe on the Earth where you meditate. 
You used same place that God used in past.

You feel better and sacred, If you recall all these points during meditation. Hope you may like those and may be useful. Come back and let me know if you felt the divinity during your next prayer. Thank you.